Because I Was Told a Girl Can’t….

About this Monkey Tale

Submitted by Gina Marston

About seven years ago, after our first child was born, my husband and I had a rare opportunity to go out for a night. While out at a bar that serves many craft beers we started talking up a few of the gentleman sitting beside us.

After having three beers already one guy told me he was impressed that a girl "could handle her beer so well". He then said that I should definitely NOT try the Golden Monkey. He said not only is it strong but no girl should try to handle 'the Monkey'.

Well, challenge accepted! The next thing you know, I was standing on my knees on a barstool, spinning around in circles while telling that guy HE CAN SUCK IT right as our conservative friends were walking in the bar.

I knew that maybe, just maybe, I should've had the Monkey earlier in the night.

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