Birthday Eve

About this Monkey Tale

Submitted by Amanda Knight

On the eve of my 27th birthday I went to the Eagles season kick-off party to see my favorite band, Taking Back Sunday play, celebrate the start of a new football season. Perfect way to start my birthday celebration.

I did have to work the next day so wanted to keep it a tame night. We were at Victory Beer Hall at Xfinity Live! and while I've had many Victory beers before, I never had Golden Monkey.

Well, that night I had two and was feeling it! Then I switched to DirtWolf thinking that would be a safe bet. Next day I went to work super hungover on my birthday, and before my birthday dinner I had to drive through Wendy's to get greasy food and keep myself going.

I always enjoy Golden Monkey with caution even though it's delicious. The attached picture doesn't really show my pain but I was dying on the inside getting ready for my birthday dinner. We went to dinner at Alla Spina in the city and sure enough Golden Monkey was on the menu. I figured since it made me feel hunger it could be the only cure!! Had to have another one :)

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