Burning Chicken Nuggets

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I went to West Chester University in Chester County, PA where my roommate introduced me to the Golden Monkey. We each got a 6-pack to pregame with before going out to a local college party. He warned me of the strength of the beer but I was a know-it-all college student who could handle anything. We each drank several of the Golden Monkeys and we were feeling goooood.

Before we knew it we were totally wasted, sidetracked and late for the party. We got the munchies but since we were so late to the party we decided to bring our bag of frozen chicken nuggets (probably the dinosaur ones) to the house party. The next thing I knew I woke up back at my house the next morning with little to no recollection of what happened the night before. After talking with friends to piece together my night, turned out we showed up totally wasted off only a few Golden Monkeys, partied for only a short amount of time, threw our nuggets in the oven and left the party.

We almost burned down the party because we put the nuggets in the oven and left the house to go pass out back home. Luckily others at the party smelled the nuggets burning and were able to take them out of the oven before starting a fire. I'm sure some drunk kids even ate the burnt nuggets. Needless to say I was loyal to Victory after that and got my Growler filled OFTEN. Woppalzontal? I think was my favorite mix. God Bless Golden Monkey.

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