Craft Brews in the 90’s

About this Monkey Tale

Submitted by Chris Alloway

I worked at a famous micro/restaurant in West Chester, PA near Downingtown starting in January 1999. This was early in the micro- craze years. The restaurant I worked at made their own beer, but because they were new, they also put others on tap including Victory.

No one thought to consider the high ABV and serve Golden Monkey in an 8oz glass, so it was poured in (unthinkable now) pints glasses - 16 oz.

One day I came in to work in January or February of '99 and four employees were scratched off the schedule. There had been an incident one night due to "Monkey" being on tap, being available in pints, and because employees could drink there after work. Lesson: don't treat Golden Monkey like a light draft beer! Respect it!

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