Father-In-Law’s First Craft Beer

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My father-in-law was always a domestic beer drinker, until I came into the picture introducing him to craft beer. So we go to the liquor store and I tell him I'll buy, but only if he picks a craft beer. Go figure, HE GRABBED A 6 PACK OF GOLDEN MONKEY!

Since he is used to drinking light beer that tastes like water, it only took an hour for him to pound the six Monkeys, not being aware of the 9.5% alcohol. Each Sunday we drink at my mother-in-law's mother's pool, and this is where the fun begins. My father-in-law begins splashing frantically because he can not find the top of the water to get air. He claims this was because the 6th monkey "took him down".

Next he decides he needs to "go down", so once I help him into the house past his sleeping wife, he begins to feel sick. Next he slips and falls. Not only does he rip the toilet paper holder out of the wall but he falls onto not one but TWO of his wife's expensive londonberger baskets completely crushing them.

Next his wife leaves to sleep on the couch. After that night, he's definitely learned to #RespectTheMonkey and loves drinking it responsibly!

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