Golden Monkey, You’re Beautiful

About this Monkey Tale

Submitted by Andrea Heymann

On a steamy August night back in 2014, I somehow found myself at a One Direction concert. Now before you cast your judgments and concerns about why a childless woman like myself would attend such an event, I'll tell you right now it's because I'm a good friend. One of my best friends has still not grown out of her boy band phase and was devastated that she was going to miss seeing One Direction because she had no one to go with.

With the stipulations that a ticket was only $25, I didn't have to drive, and plenty of Golden Monkey’s were going to be consumed, I agreed to go. The hours leading up to the concert were some of the greatest people watching tailgate experiences I’ve ever been a part of. We saw countless minivans and buses enter the lot with dozens of girls proudly displaying their self-made One Direction t-shirts + signs decorated with fringes, puffy paint, glitter, and more. Meanwhile we witnessed the brave moms, dads, and grandparents who walked slowly behind the hordes of girls knowing they were about to enter an arena filled with piercing screams and estrogen levels that could make your head explode.

There wasn’t enough Golden Monkey for any of these people and honestly I was in no mood to share because I needed every drop I could consume. We started our walk into the stadium and I grabbed my final Golden Monkey enjoying every last drop meanwhile developing the most intense beer munchies I’ve ever experienced.

As we made our way to our seats I saw the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. No not the cotton candy skies hovering over the wind turbines at Lincoln Financial Field, it was a popcorn stand. Not only was this giant popcorn just $5, it allowed unlimited refills! This popcorn stand not only saved me from extreme beer munchies, it also acted as a rain shelter twice when the sky decided to open up and pour down on us.

Two rain delays and two buckets of popcorn later, the concert continued and it wasn’t so bad. Looking over at my bestie and seeing how happy she was and even finding myself singing along with the crowd “What Makes You Beautiful” was I’ll admit, fun. Without the promise of Golden Monkey at this concert, there’s no way I would’ve dreamed of going. Luckily, Golden Monkey always guarantees an epic night filled with stories to share for years to come.

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