Growler Anyone?

About this Monkey Tale

Submitted by Mike Arganetto

I'm not what you would consider being an outdoorsy kind of guy. I cannot stress enough how much I despise camping, but there I was, sitting next to a huge campfire with some friends. I had procured a growler of Golden Monkey from the Downingtown Brewery to bring along for the trip and it was time to unleash its goodness on everyone.

I pulled it out of the cooler, held it up, and shouted, "Who wants the Monkey?!" I heard a few, "I just opened a beer...maybe in a few minutes..." No worries...I'll just pour me a bit of the tasty beverage. 15 minutes went by and I could see the bottom of my cup. Out came the growler once more! No one? Still?'s another for me.

Man alive I LOVE the Monkey! Another quarter-hour passes and I'm ready to fill up again. Maybe I didn't yell it loud enough but there were still no takers. Fine...just as long as I replenish mine before putting the growler away. About 5 minutes later, in a voice that I felt was at a reasonable volume (others disagreed), I declared that this was the last of the Monkey & I was going to finish off the growler like a man!

I just about wrung that amber color out of the growler making sure I got EVERY. LAST. DROP. Thirty minutes later, my wife put me to bed like a 6-year-old. Well played, Monkey. Well played.

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