Halloween, A Few Years Ago.

About this Monkey Tale

Submitted by Mic Bechtel

A few years ago, Victory came to Cincinnati, Ohio. I drove down there with a case of Golden Monkey for my brother's Halloween party. Turned out that my brother didn't care for it. I told him that it was cool with me...because I got to drink mine AND his. This was about 11A.M.
Over the couse of the next six hours I drank about eight more of those. I was in a good mood but I had not thought out the strength of a Golden Monkey, as opposed to your regulation Monkey.

I was escorted down the street, where the tables were set for the kids and the pumpkin contest. They set me in a lawn chair by the mobile fire pit and asked me if I had the ability to feed the fire and stay put...I think I only nodded.

As people in the Mid-West like to do, they kept trying to feed me. So, I ate. Next thing I know someone handed me a guitar and about ten young kids are playing five gallon buckets. Man, I felt the beat and I started jamming all eight chords that I know on a six-string. (I play Bass) We improved for about an hour, the kids hung right in there.

...I had to be reminded of this the next day. The Golden Monkey is to be respected indeed. PEACE!

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