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Victory Brewing's Golden Monkey has surely been the X-Factor that made some of our most amusing nights with friends! But like all things divine, the Monkey giveth and the Monkey taketh away. Usually, this sweet nectar just comes for our car keys, wallets, and recollections of the night before. Though sometimes, it insists upon stripping us completely of our dignity. Such was the case with me earlier this summer.

Me and five friends made our annual trip down to Tennessee to attend a music festival called Bonnaroo. Knowing we'd be tight on space, we left behind the non-essentials like jumper cables, toilet paper, a first aid kit, etc. to ensure enough room for the three cases of beer we knew we were going to need.

We brought a case of Victory Brewing's Summer sampler, a case of Victory Brewing's Golden Monkey, and an unnameable macrobrew (for hydration purposes only). We were having a great time drinking Vital IPA's and HopDevil's in the shade during the day, then going into the main area at night to listen to music.

It wasn't until the crack of dawn on Day 4, the last day of the festival, that we realized the case of Golden Monkey has been left untouched! As many of my fellow twenty-somethings can probably attest to, we had an obvious challenge before us: the defeat of re-loading a car with unfinished craft beer would have been too much to bare.

After about 7 of those 9.5% ABV monsters, the music was calling us back. We had to leave our campsite. Before departing back into the swarms of people, I (perhaps, more accurately, the Monkey) thought it would be a good idea to tie a long piece of twine around the "neck" of a bottle of sriracha sauce and drag it around like it was a dog through tens of thousands of people. If Golden Monkey isn't a man's best friend, it'll make you one. #RespectTheMonkey

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