Never Invited Over Again!

About this Monkey Tale

Submitted by Spencer Pierini

So, I was over at my wife's friend's house around Christmas and I brought over a six pack of Golden Monkey. We started playing Nintendo Wii boxing. Don't worry- I didn't sling the remote and break their new flatscreen.

Instead I continue to drink the monkeys and once I'm 5 beers in, I am three sheets to the wind. I start hitting on my wife and acting a fool. By the sixth monkey, my wife pushes me away as I went in for a little smoochy woochy and sweet talking.

I had lost my legs at this point in my bout with the monkey and proceed to fall into this friend's Christmas Tree! I completely knocked it over and crushed half of the gifts under the tree. Needless to say I am the Golden Monkey Grinch who crushed Christmas and was not invited back to sing Yule tied carols! Gadzooks!

Looking forward to monkeying around at the Camp Out for Hunger. You guys rock!

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