Really, Mom!? Chili?

About this Monkey Tale

Submitted by Jocelyn Rome

A few friends that I grew up with flew in from Missouri. We met at another friend's house for a back yard get-together. We started out by eating crabs, and the best drink for crabs? Beer! And of course I always bring Golden Monkey since I never know what crappy/generic beer people might have.


I was sporting my #RespectTheMonkey shirt as usual! It was hot and I downed 4 beers before I knew it. I had another while sitting by the bonfire and couldn't get back up again. The world was spinning around me and all I can remember was my mom asking me if I wanted to eat some chili...Really, Mom!? Chili?


I begged my husband for some water and was out for the rest of the night. I didn't even get to spend that much time with my friends from out of town! I did not respect the Monkey that night. Now I sip and enjoy my Golden Monkey!

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