She FINALLY Drinks Beer With Me!

About this Monkey Tale

Submitted by James Holley

I have been a beer drinker for many years and oftentimes, the decision of where we were going for lunch/dinner involved a discussion of whether or not the establishment had a full bar because my wife's go-to drink is vodka-based.

I would often try to get her to take a sip of my beers as a way to try and get her into drinking beer, but was never successful in finding a beer she would order for herself. Until she tried a sip of my GOLDEN MONKEY, that is!

One sip, two sips, three sips...and I finally had to relinquish possession of my beer and order another one for myself and let her have the first one! I couldn't have been happier because this meant that I could then go to restaurants and bars I'd wanted to go to so long as they offer Golden Monkey. That was ~11 years ago and to this day, her first question about a beer I'm offering her is, "Does it taste like Golden Monkey?"

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