The Monkey On The Floor

About this Monkey Tale

Submitted by Vincent Baio

The first time I met a Monkey was back when I was 21. Some friends and I were visiting this new gastropub and didn't know much about craft beer. We decided to choose the beer with the highest alcohol percentage, which happened to be the Golden Monkey. Ever since then, our love has only grown stronger.

Flash forward to my 24th birthday. My best friend got me my favorite gift of all, a 12 pack of Golden Monkey. I was excited to have my favorite beer with friends from college that I haven't seen in a while. We planned on meeting at a bar in New York City. I rented a hotel room for some friends to crash in after. Before going to the bar, my friends and I decided to have some drinks.

I kept my Golden Monkeys to myself, as I did not believe my friends would appreciate their glory. My last memory involves cracking open my 10th Golden Monkey and declaring "Hot In Herre" by Nelly an "oldie but a goodie." The next morning I woke up excited to recount the night with my friends. To my surprise, there was only 1 friend in the room who gave me the bad news...I missed my own birthday. Everyone went out and celebrated without me and I rang in 24 with 12 Golden Monkeys and a good nights' sleep in New York's finest Holiday Inn.

The next day my friends felt bad and met me at our local dive bar where we had a "birthday re-do." Now, a year later, my friends still won't let me live that down. However, this Columbus Day Weekend, my friends and I are taking a pilgrimage to your brewery to pay homage to the infamous Golden Monkey to which we owe many good times.

Unfortunately since I did not make it out, there are no photos from that night. However, I did attach the one of my birthday re-do where, if you look in the back, you can see a local townie, Terry, who we forced to celebrate my birthday with us.

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