The Time I Walked Off a Cliff

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So, there we were. Our favorite long weekend of the year. The guys only Memorial Day weekend camping trip.

We all bring enough beer to kill an elephant. And enough food to feed an army. We decided on draft beer this year and it might have been a mistake. Especially when the first of those kegs was Golden Monkey. We were drinking all day and all night since no one was going anywhere.

My buddy said that it looked like we were starting to float the keg and I didn’t think we could kill the keg. Mistake number one? Trying to kill a keg of Golden Monkey in a night. We keep drinking by the fire, and one by one everyone starts to head to bed. There was only three of us left when we decide to go on a hike... at midnight...

We start on our hike with flashlights on a moon lit night. The moon is so bright we decide that our flashlights aren’t needed. Mistake number two.

Mistake number three. I tend to walk in a straight line when I’m drunk....except it’s always on an angle from where everyone else is. The bridge to cross a ravine was straight ahead. I did not go straight.

I fell asleep right when we got back to camp. The next morning my brother came up. I told him, "Nah I’m fine it’s already starting to heal itself." He told me, "You’re an idiot. There are actual rocks in your head!"

Attached is the aftermath and how my friends found me the next morning.

#RespectTheMonkey. But DON'T avoid it. The memories are unforgettable.

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