Threading the Needle

About this Monkey Tale

Submitted by James Harre

This story takes place a few years back while my friends and I were still in college. We worked for the Athletic Department at our school and got the opportunity to work a college basketball showcase for some of the best high school players that was being held at our school. We started work that day at 6:50 am and didn't stop until about 10:30pm. We decided we needed to have some fun after such a long shift so we picked up some beer on our way back to my house.

My buddy, a huge fan of Victory decided to get a 6-pack of Golden Monkey, for himself of course. We ended up going to a friends house for a party and before anyone realized it, my friend had drank all 6 of the Golden Monkeys he just bought! We decided it was time to get him home, especially since we had work at 6:30 in the morning again. When we got back to my house I pulled open the storm door and unlocked my front door.

It should be noted that the storm door has a small 2' x 2' screen opening with a similar size glass opening above it. The storm door closed behind me and as I made my way through my house I heard a loud THUMP. My friend, not having a lot of luck with the door knob, decided to thrust himself through the small screen opening on my storm door, landing ever so gracefully on our hardwood floor.

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