Unauthorized Tour and Wedding Kegs

About this Monkey Tale

Submitted by Justin Bush

We visited the Downingtown brewery in an RV while on my bachelor party. We spent 3 days traveling throughout NY, PA, and DE taking in several breweries along the way. Victory was our last stop, and we actually almost passed it up and headed home, but we labored on. We walked in on a Sunday the minute you opened. Several pints later, and a happenstance run in with one of your brewers, we were granted an all access tour of the facility. (I'm not naming any names because I'm certain this wasn't supposed to happen).

After samples straight from the bright tank, and even more pints back at the bar, we ended up in the gift shop where we purchased a half barrel each of Headwaters and Golden Monkey to be served at our wedding. On the night of the wedding, many guests that were "non craft beer drinkers" kept asking for more and more of "the monkey beer". As you can imagine these guests had no idea a beer that good would be 9.5% ABV. I have heard many stories since that night ranging from lost rental suits, to waking up in neighbors yards, and even some children were born 9 months later. Hindsight we should have posted a warning on the bar #RespectTheMonkey.

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