Victory Has Some Monkey Tales, Too!

About this Monkey Tale

Submitted by Victory Brewing Company

Let’s be honest, everyone has a Golden Monkey story. Did you ever let a secret slip? Did you trip over thin air? Did you let that Best Man’s speech run a little too long? Did you sing at the top of your lungs even though you weren’t at a karaoke bar? We want to hear it!

Our story starts in 1997 when our Co-Founder and Brewmaster Ron Barchet needed a quality beer to celebrate the birth of his second son. It was then that we set out to change the perception of what American beer could be. Our award winning Golden Monkey is brewed with import malts, Belgian Yeast, spices and whole flower hops to deliver a magical, mystical experience.

So…we told you ours, now it’s your turn!…And don’t worry if the monkey speaks.

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